Inspire Conversation

“I am a walking Discovery Channel with a military background, and that is how I want people to see me. I want civilians to see me as knowledge—an outlet to the world…. I want people to ask me where my favorite place to visit was, or what my most memorable moment as a soldier was. I want them to ask me about the food and the cultures I have seen....”

—Geoffry Norfleet, See Me for Who I Am: Student Veterans’ Stories of War and Coming Home

"Did you serve?"

A majority of veterans say they appreciate being asked ( And since Americans have fewer connections to people in the military than they did in previous generations, it's important to create bridges to understanding.

SERVE creates conversation with...

  • Food stories from veterans
  • Recipes with historical significance
  • Anecdotes from cookbooks of various eras
  • Histories of wars and conflicts since World War I
  • Chronological arrangement
  • Timeless recipes with contemporary photography
  • An appendix with information about PTS, TBI, and resources for further reading